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What to Wear for New Year’s

Posted by kristin On December - 31 - 2009

New Years Eve I love New Year’s Eve, sure it’s for amateurs but the professionals know how to make this night a special one.  And the most important part of New Year’s Eve is getting dressed. New Year’s Eve is one of those nights where you want to make a statement and as long as your date or group plays along you can really up the ante with that statement. Meaning: it’s time to look FABULOUS! Get Noticed Dress You’ll get all the attention you want and need in a get noticed dress and... more

2009 Recap of Fashion Trends

Posted by kristin On December - 30 - 2009

Katie Holmes Boyfriend Jeans Many of the biggest hits, fashion wise, were trends that had started in 2008 but there are a few noteworthy ones that are still at the top of their game and will see continued popularity in 2010. Let’s look back at some of the best of 2009. Boyfriend Jeans Probably the biggest hit of the year, the boyfriend jean. The trend got its start in 2008 but really picked up speed in 2009 and Katie Holmes led the way. But let’s not get confused here, there is NO WAY her rolled... more

Oops, Caught Wearing the Same Thing

Posted by kristin On December - 29 - 2009

Tuxedoed Beckhams It’s incredibly embarrassing for a Hollywood celebrity to be spotted anywhere wearing the same dress as another celebrity, even if they’re not at the same event. But what about showing up at an event wearing matching tuxedos? Apparently that doesn’t bother Victoria and David Beckham as they both donned black tuxedos for a night out on the town in London. But maybe it wasn’t the matching tuxedos that made the looks fail but the other items the couple wore, or forgot to wear,... more

Post Christmas Shopping Bonanza

Posted by kristin On December - 28 - 2009

One of the best things about the Christmas holiday season is the sales. The pre holiday sales are usually pretty good and I certainly stock up on gifts for myself during this period too, but there is that sense of urgency and the pressure to get something for someone else. But now…no such pressure. Now it’s a shopping free for all, and I’ve got a little Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket. And what used to be a stumbling point for me was the malls are still full of novices who not... more

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Dad

Posted by kristin On December - 24 - 2009

There is always one person on my shopping list that I reserve today for. Christmas Eve and I don’t know what to get my dad. How is it that dads are just so impossible to shop for? My dad is retired so the standard tie doesn’t really fit, in fact it never did for my dad. So if the old standby is out what is next? Well my dad has a few hobbies, he golfs and fishes but it seems as though he’s already got every golf and fishing accessory ever made. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve totally written... more

Sweaters for the Season

Posted by kristin On December - 23 - 2009

One of the biggest challenges of the winter season is finding a sweater that will keep you warm while looking sexy. Too many sweaters are all bulk and shapeless and then others are sexy and sleek but no warmer than gauze lingerie. This season there is a new trend in sweaters that is strictly U-G-L-Y and really not well thought out. Ruffle front sweaters. They claim to be feminine but a bulky sweater ruffle is hard to make feminine looking and when you put them on the front it hides those sexy curves... more

Boots, Boots, and More Boots

Posted by kristin On December - 21 - 2009

Tis the season to wear boots. Boots have never been more popular or hot than they are now. You can’t go wrong this year if you get your loved one a pair of boots to slip her stockings into. It seems like everything that is a boot is hot and happening this season from low riding booties to over the knee boots. From totally impractical cutout booties to totally practical cold weather boots. As long as it’s a boot it’s bound to be a hit this Christmas season. So to give the gift of boots this... more

The Jumpsuit Jumps in Popularity

Posted by kristin On December - 20 - 2009

Rihanna Jumpsuit Let me preempt this article by saying that you will not catch me in a jumpsuit, those days are long gone. But that said, jumpsuits are the newest trend in women’s clothing. The traditional pants and top jumpsuit  is really almost impossible for anyone to wear unless you have a willowy model shape that looks great in anything. This is the reason I’m not going to be running around in a jumpsuit anytime soon, my willowy days are long gone. But the jumpsuit has also taken on a new... more

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Posted by kristin On December - 16 - 2009

Katherine Heigl Pearl Necklace There comes a point where mom is just too hard to shop for, especially at Christmas time. She’s got everything and typically claims she doesn’t need anything, or what she does suggest is practical stuff like a new table lamp or a warm pair of socks. But the fun part of Christmas is giving gifts that are wanted, not necessarily needed. One gift that 90% (not a proven stat) of all women love is jewelry. You almost can’t go wrong with jewelry. The problem is finding... more

Holiday Accessories for 2009

Posted by kristin On December - 15 - 2009

Christmas Present Time to pick out that gift for your sister-in-law, aunt, grandma, niece, secret Santa or any other woman on your list that leaves you flummoxed when it comes to gift selection. One idea for women that are difficult to shop for is a new accessory. Accessories are great gifts as they can be work with a variety of outfits, they come in different styles and price ranges. The hottest trend this past season has been belts which can be a great gift if you buy something unique but it can... more

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