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Old Models Look Drab and Grey

Posted by kristin On February - 27 - 2010

Calvin Klein Old Models I’m all for models looking like real women, I’m so sick of the nubile young sticks. So one would think I’d applaud Calvin Klein for bringing back some *gasp* old models for Fashion Week. (By old models we mean ones in their 30’s and 40’s – but still it’s something). So out come these ancient relics of the fashion world and rather than proving that age can be beautiful, these women look horrible. They’re dressed in dumpy and basically shapeless grey dresses,... more

Olympic Sports for Adults

Posted by kristin On February - 22 - 2010

Geena Davis Archery I recently admitted that I’m a little swept up by Olympic fever and have determined to get in better shape after seeing those Olympic bodies and then taking stock of my own body. I also confessed that I once wanted to be an Olympic athlete, I was a pretty serious gymnast as a child and so wanted to beat Nadia. But (big sigh) those days are long gone, heck I can’t even turn a cartwheel now without getting acid reflux. So it leads me to wonder what sports I can still participate... more

Olympic Spirit Hits My Closet

Posted by kristin On February - 22 - 2010

2010 Olympic Logo Is anyone else inspired by the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver? Or to be more to the point, is anyone else inspired by the bodies of these athletes? So this year I made the New Year’s resolution to start working out. It’s actually a New Year’s resolution I don’t often make, I vow to get in shape or eat better but I rarely decide that I’m going to start working out or join a gym. But this year I did both and I’m still at it. I’ve actually gained weight, but I’m... more

Fashion Week 2010 Trends

Posted by kristin On February - 18 - 2010

Marc Jacobs Fashion Week 2010 Well it’s here…Fashion Week! So what will be the new trends in 2010 and beyond according to the top designers in the world? Jumpsuits and Rompers Oh it pains me to say that the horrible fashion trend of jumpsuits and rompers is still in style. And it will probably pick up a little steam this year. I think it’s because designers only work with stick figured models that they’ve lost touch with reality and the reality is, jumpers and rompers look horrible on the... more

Spring 2010 Accessories Trends

Posted by kristin On February - 16 - 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker A few new accessory trends are cropping up for spring 2010 and only one of them is getting a double thumbs up from me. One of the trends that seems to be moving our way is statement earrings. Statement necklaces are still riding a trendy wave so big warning to all those who are a little fashion impaired, more is not better. Choose your statement accessory wisely and go with that one statement only. This trend is okay in my book but I have a really funny class picture from the... more

Casual Clothes for Casual Times

Posted by kristin On February - 15 - 2010

Tim Gunn Does anyone watch What Not to Wear or Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style? Both of these television programs give some great tips on how to dress to impress and they help fashion deficient people with everyday looks? Overall they’re good shows but the thing I have a problem with is their casual looks. The running errands outfits are absolutely ridiculous. Who’s really going to put on a cute little pencil skirt and a casual sweater and then slip into a pair of low pumps before they run to the... more

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Posted by kristin On February - 10 - 2010

Valentine's Day Gifts The most romantic holiday of the year is coming this weekend and anyone who has to buy a gift for a man knows it’s not easy. For women there are the traditional flowers, jewelry, chocolates and the multitude of other little tokens of affection that have been printed on flyers and stuffed into our mailboxes. But what do you get a man for Valentine’s Day? You could go with the ubiquitous tie but you bought him one for Christmas, and his birthday and you’ll probably get... more

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

Posted by kristin On February - 10 - 2010

Candy Valentines Valentine’s Day is this weekend so men (or ladies) if you haven’t bought that significant woman in your life something for this holiday it’s time to pick up that last minute gift. For a trendy woman you may want to get her a bib necklace. These large statement pieces of jewelry saw some adopters last season but frankly they looked a little weird and were a look we needed to get used to. Now that we’re used to it I expect this trend to take off as a bib necklace can turn simply... more

Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Posted by kristin On February - 8 - 2010

Pamela Anderson in Lingerie Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and most people think of chocolates, flowers, romantic getaways and lingerie. If you’re looking to buy lingerie for yourself, which is really going to be a treat for your sweetheart there is sort of a standard rule of thumb, the sluttier the better. Okay so it’s not a tried and true science and some men may not fall into this category, but most men would love to see their special someone wearing a garter belt, sexy hosiery,... more

The Latest Trend: Motostyle

Posted by kristin On February - 8 - 2010

Motostyle on The Hills Okay maybe it’s not the latest trend, it’s actually been rolling out slowly for the past year but it think it’s just about to hit its stride and hit it hard. The latest trend is all about tough women. First we saw the motorcycle boots come out with a pretty big vengeance this fall, they were often compared to the cowboy boots as women were trying to capture that strength and portray a more resilient image. I blame this on the economic situation, when finances start to... more

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