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5 Pairs of Shoes Every Man Should Have

By |   April - 26 - 2009

For some reason most men don’t embrace the shoe fettish quite like women do, in fact a lot of them seem rather confused about men’s shoes in general. Well, fret no more as I will be your shoe guru and help guide you through the bottom of your closet.

First of all, buying men’s shoes should not make you feel bad. Yes, they’re an investment but they’re something you need to wear every day so you should enjoy your shoes, they should be comfortable and they should look incredible.

Secondly, men’s shoes should complement the outfit you’re wearing and draw attention to it in a good way, so no more tennis shoes with suits, unless of course you’re two or in a punk band and that’s the look you’re going for.

Thirdly, men should have at least the five following basic shoes in their wardrobes. Feel free to have more and variations on the basics, but these men’s shoes are a must.

Athletic Shoes

Every man should have a pair of athletic shoes. If you’re active in a sport you definitely want something suited for your physical activity. If you’re not into sports you still need a pair of athletic shoes for hiking, strolling, or just everyday casual wear.

Black Dress Shoe

A nice black dress shoe is almost a man’s little black dress. The right shoe goes with almost everything and works in so many situations that there is no excuse for not having a pair. If you are looking for something that is both dressy enough for a formal occasion and casual enough to pair with jeans, try an oxford.

Brown Dress Shoe

Much like the black dress shoe, men need a brown one to match their clothing of that hue. If you want to get a little more versatility and longevity out of the shoes, shoot for something that is a timeless classic like a standard loafer or a sharp wingtip. By buying you’re dress shoes with some forethought you can get them to do double duty as casual shoes.


Every man should be prepared to have loads of casual fun in the summer and then be prepared to go from beach to nightclub with the same pair of sandals. It doesn’t really matter if you’re more of a sandal sort of guy or lean toward the casual flip flop for your footwear, you should find a comfortable pair that can carry you through an eventful summer day from dawn to dark and beyond.

Trendy Shoes

Trendy shoes are usually a harder purchase for men to make but a good pair of stylish trendy shoes displays your fun and exciting side. This is a purchase that isn’t meant to last longer than the trend so be willing to toss the shoes when the fad is done, there is no commitment involved so it should be fun, not stressful.

One pair of men’s shoes that should never grace a man’s feet, or closet for that matter, are Crocs. If you have a pair of these ugly plastic monsters, slide into your tennis shoes and run to the garbage to dispose of these bad boys. Better yet, recycle them at SolesUnited so then can be ground up and turned into new shoes for people across the world who are in need of shoes.

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