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5 Ways to Stop Blending In – A Man’s Guide

By |   April - 22 - 2009


Tired of being wallpaper? Let’s face it, sometimes it sucks blending in. Whether you’re at the club with your buds, celebrating another week of employment with co-workers or just out running around with friends, here are 5 things you can use to start standing out.

The Linen Sportcoat

This season don’t forget to bust this bad boy out. Yea, I know, I remember the whole Don Johnson thing too, and sure it ruined this look for a while…but its back.

They look good and are fairly practical. Besides, who the heck wants to wear a heavy sportcoat in warm weather anyway? If you want to stand out this season a linen sportcoat ought to do the trick. So dig one out of the ‘80s will come back’ section of your closet (come on you know who you are) or pick one up before summer is over and we have to abide by that no white after baseball season rule.

The Fedora

Okay, I see these all over the place now. Everybody from freaky crazy Britney Spears to Brad Pitt seems to be digging on the style.

Why not pop one of these caps on your noggin and head out for night with the boys. It’s a hip look and easy to pull off. Although I prefer the straw fedora, they come in many styles to fit your occasion.

The Stogie

I like cigars. I always have. I know it’s not PC and I have heard all the reasons why I shouldn’t take enjoyment on the rare occasions I light one up. But I still do.
I can think of few things better than gathering with a bunch of buds for a ball game and enjoying a little piece of hand rolled satisfaction. One of my favorites is the Ashton Cigars. What does this have to do with not blending in, well, your freaking smoking a cigar and these days people just don’t do that anymore.

The Shoes

Slip on a great pair of shoes and you get respect. Ok not really, but you sure feel like you should. Every put together guy should have at least 1 good pair of dress shoes he can wear for interviews, business meetings, dates and well anywhere where your standard kicks just won’t do. I’d start with a nice cap-toe brown shoe and branch out from there. This is a perfect shoe for the office and can be paired with some nice jeans for the quick casual transition on a Friday while providing enough pop to really make a statement.

The Shades

I’m not sure why, but shades really can draw attention. Ever notice that every time a celebrity wants to be incognito they wear sunglasses over their peepers?
I’m not saying that you want to hit up a club wearing sunglasses. Oh, you’ll get noticed alright, but I’m guessing for the wrong reasons. Nah, use them for what they were designed for, protecting your eyes from the sun. Nothing beats a good pair of Aviator sunglasses for a classic look that provides everything you’ll need. Still, I’d keep them handy for those times when the flashes are just too much.

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  1. HongKongFooey says:

    Good Post, gotta love the linen jacket – brings me back to the days of Crocket and Tubbs on Miami Vice. The Aviator's are cool but I prefer wraparound shades like these Maui Jim Canoes

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