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Camping is the Cool Way to Vacation

By |   April - 19 - 2010
Kate Moss Glamping

Kate Moss Glamping

Camping has gone from being the cheap way for families to vacation together to the cool way to get away and enjoy the outdoors, and it’s far from cheap these days.

Celebrities across the globe have embraced camping, maybe it’s a way to escape the media and their daily lives or perhaps it’s a chance for them and their families to experience Mother Nature. Whatever the reason celebrities are a big reason that camping has become the cool way to vacation.

In addition to the changing approach to camping, camping supplies have changed as well. Our family’s first tent didn’t even have a floor, you slept right on the ground. Today’s tents not only have floors but you’re expected to have raised air mattresses, sleeping bags made of the highest quality materials and additional rooms attached to your tent. And that’s just the sleeping situation, the cooking situation has changed so much it might actually have you yearning for the days of hot dogs on a stick half cooked over a campfire 

For the fashionistas in the crowd, camping has also changed the way we look while camping. I remember layers of clothing to be peeled off or reapplied as the temperature changed, no showers, and lots of lotions, those to repel bugs and those to prevent sunburn, or going way back, those to improve tans. Today glamping has hit the campground circuit and campers are boosting the appeal by adding as much glamour as possible. Glamping is officially used to describe the camping clothing people are choosing, but it’s beginning to stretch to the accessories and I’m sure eventually having the latest and best of everything will be a part of glamping. So if you want to be cutting edge in your family vacation, go glamping!

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