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Todays fashion trends move almost as fast as Lindsey Lohan running from the police. (…almost)

Check out these latest fashion trends and judge for yourself.

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Sweater Dresses

Posted by chloe On October - 26 - 2010

Tis the season for cute fall sweaters. But why not dress it up a notch with an even cuter sweater dress. Sweater dresses are one of the most casual types of dresses, so wearing it alone, with leggings or tights, and a pair of boots is perfect for any occasion. They’re usually short but are warm and cozy for fall. You can get them anywhere, but quality matters because they can be itchy or get holes easily if you get them cheap like at Aeropostale or something. I put some adorable examples below... more

Metallic Bags

Posted by chloe On October - 5 - 2010

Tons of celebrities wear metallic bags, like Jennifer Lopez, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce, Amanda Bynes, Paris Hilton, and so many more I can’t write them all! I want one! Metallic bags are not as easy to find as other styles and patterns. They’re cute and shiny and silver goes with almost anything so they’re a great style of bag to have. But you really only need one; they’re a pretty bold item alone. Lots of designers make silver metallic bags, including... more

Should You Wear a Scarf?

Posted by chloe On September - 22 - 2010

Scarves, or commonly known as wraps, are an accessory that not a ton of people wear. But when you see someone wearing one and they look really cute, you think to yourself, maybe I should own a wrap… Well I’m here to tell you YOU SHOULD! And I’m not talking about winter scarves, everyone wears those. I’m talking about those floaty material wraps you wind loosely around your neck over a tank top or flow-ey shirt or button up jacket. Those red paisley scarves are the most well-known... more

Animal Prints Are In

Posted by chloe On September - 11 - 2010

Animal prints are one of those trends that are either really in or really out, and it keeps changing. So it can be hard to know when to wear it and when to avoid it. Well good news for leopard print and zebra print lovers: animal prints are very in this season. Seen on celebrities, in the magazines, while shopping online, on people walking down the streets of downtown–the proof is all around. But, there’s one huge rule to remember about wearing animal prints: never put two items of... more

Summer Sundresses for 2010

Posted by kristin On May - 24 - 2010

Jessica Simpson in a Bad Sundress Its summer and the perfect outfit for summer is the sundress. Sundresses are a stylish fun approach to the season letting you be cool and comfortable while still maintaining your own personal style. There is an old misconception that sundresses are either for little girls or they’re a hippie style that’s seen its day come and go. And if your image of a sundress is a short frilly dress with spaghetti straps or a long maxi dress with a floral print then yes those... more

Does Anybody Wear Skirts Any More

Posted by kristin On May - 24 - 2010

Beyonce Skirt I remember when skirts were a common clothing option and the length of a woman’s skirt was a huge fashion issue. Today it seems as though skirts have almost become a clothing item from days gone by and the attention paid to skirt lengths has transferred to hemlines in general. So what is going on with women’s skirts? Well, there still obviously are skirts being made and people wearing them but their popularity has definitely waned while favor has instead been transferred to dresses... more

Is There a Tent in Your Future

Posted by kristin On May - 20 - 2010

Camping With Memorial Day just around the corner camping season is about to begin. I’ve been told camping is cool again and although I had sworn off campfire stink and mosquitoes and ticks years ago, it looks like I’m going to be hitting the campgrounds pretty hard this summer. The best part about taking up camping a decade after my last attempt is the camping equipment is totally different and much more comfortable, or so I’m told. One of the biggest improvements in my comfort will be the... more

The Summer’s Dress: It’s a Wrap

Posted by kristin On May - 18 - 2010

Jessica Simpson Wrap Dress There’s something about a simple women’s dress and a nice pair of shoes that makes every woman feel sleek and sexy in the summer. This year’s simple women’s dress is the wrap dress. Much like the maxi dress served as the go anywhere, do anything dress for a few summers past, the wrap dress is filling that void this summer. Get the most out of your wrap dress by selecting something that is form fitting, that doesn’t billow too much at the top and the bottom. Another... more

Dressing for Summer with a Baby Bump

Posted by kristin On May - 17 - 2010

<Pregnant Nicole Richie Facing summer with a baby on the way is not usually an exciting prospect, you’re hot, uncomfortable and swelling when everyone else is getting ready for bikini season. But dressing for a summer pregnancy doesn’t have to be frustrating, new maternity clothing is more exciting and attractive than it has been in years past. Even maternity swimsuits have changed and now offer pregnant women a way to enjoy the beach and water without feeling like a beached whale or covering... more

Clothing that Makes You Look Thinner

Posted by kristin On May - 16 - 2010

Mariah Carey Hiding Weight in a LBD Thin is in, although every year it seems as though someone says we’re going to start appreciating curves and a little weight, it’s still all about being (or looking) thin. So how can you dress to look thinner? Empire waist dresses have always been a great way to hide a little extra belly and butt fat. With the high waist the dress flairs a bit early giving you more room to hide in. But don’t rely on empire waist dresses or even empire tops and blouses because... more

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