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The Summer Cover Up

Posted by kristin On May - 10 - 2010

Miranda Kerr Levis Denim Jacket Those hot summer nights are coming but they’re still pretty few and far between. So going from day to night typically requires some sort of cover up that’s versatile enough to match most outfits but stylish enough to keep you off an ugly sweater website. A black cardigan or a white cardigan is usually a safe bet for a versatile cover up for summer and the rest of the year. Look for something light and airy that will provide a little protection from a summer night’s... more

Ways to Wear Denim for Spring 2010

Posted by kristin On April - 3 - 2010

Celebrities Denim on Denim Finally! For a few years now I’ve been looking for skinny jeans in a light blue denim, now not only can I get them, but denim leggings are cropping up everywhere taking that skinny jean one step further. But it’s not just jeans where you’re going to see denim in the spring of 2010. This season denim on denim is back. So in addition to your blue jean bottoms you’re going to want to find a nice denim jacket. Dark blue is the color of the season and something simple... more

The Latest Trend: Motostyle

Posted by kristin On February - 8 - 2010

Motostyle on The Hills Okay maybe it’s not the latest trend, it’s actually been rolling out slowly for the past year but it think it’s just about to hit its stride and hit it hard. The latest trend is all about tough women. First we saw the motorcycle boots come out with a pretty big vengeance this fall, they were often compared to the cowboy boots as women were trying to capture that strength and portray a more resilient image. I blame this on the economic situation, when finances start to... more

Chilly in Florida but Crazy in Paris

Posted by kristin On January - 11 - 2010

Paris Hilton Winter Wear Okay, as I spend my winter vacation freezing my butt off in Florida (yes it has actually snowed here and the wind chill is in the 20’s!) I’m thinking that I am really inappropriately dressed. So how should I have dressed for my January vacation in south Florida? Well, apparently I should have dressed like a four year old if I’m going to use Paris Hilton as a fashion example (and who really would do that). Apparently Paris Hilton has decided the only way to bundle up... more

Military Fashion Hits Mainstream

Posted by kristin On January - 4 - 2010

Rachel McAdams The up and coming trend for 2010 is military inspired. Rachel McAdams has fully adopted this style with her Smythe’s surplus jacket in a traditional olive color. And if you’re thinking about dipping your toes into the military fashion trend, a jacket is the perfect way to go. Another way to embrace the new military inspired clothing trend is by purchasing a pair of shoes that reflect this shift in fashion. Some military inspired shoes look very authentic, especially the Dr. Martens... more

Copy Her Style: Katie Holmes

Posted by kristin On December - 1 - 2009

Katie Holmes Dizzy Feet You heard it here first, okay maybe you didn’t but a while back a reported that the must have jacket for this season is a grey leather coat. Well, Katie Holmes with her impeccable and trend making fashion style proves it in here light grey leather jacket at and black mini skirt at the Dizzy Feet Celebration of Dance. Katie Holmes is one of the co-founders of Dizzy Feet a group that provides assistance to people who cannot afford to follow their dreams of becoming professional... more

Motorcycle Fashion is a Must for 2010

Posted by kristin On November - 17 - 2009

Hugh Jackman The one look that is really sweeping the runways, the celebrity events and even across Middle America is the motorcycle trend. It may have something to do with the economic crisis and the need to feel strong which translates into tough clothing. Or it could be less of an emotional need and more of a practical one, motorcycle wear is all about leather, which is durable and warm and a smart choice for the season. If you want to stay ahead of the trends then your first purchase should be... more

Get the Look: Audrina Patridge

Posted by kristin On November - 16 - 2009

Audrina Patridge Audrina Patridge has come up with an almost perfect outfit for the fall/winter 2009 season. This star from the Hills has paired casual with chic and crisp and put together a look that is perfect for any casual situation and some that are even a bit more dressy. Get her look by investing in a grey leather jacket. Black would make the outfit too rock and roll but the grey color has a softening effect, making it more versatile. On top of that both leather and grey are popular wardrobe... more

The Military Jacket Marches Into Style

Posted by kristin On November - 9 - 2009

Michael Jackson There are a lot of reasons that fashion turns to the armed services but this time I think it actually has more to do with Michael Jackson than the economy. The current military inspired jacket is a little more military band member than the traditional camo jacket of the past. The current look is very reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s flamboyant yet militant style. In keeping with the Michael Jackson style look for a jacket that has a bit of a military look but a lot of bling... more

Mary Kate Olsen Rocks Fashion Week

Posted by kristin On October - 7 - 2009

Mary Kate Olsen Fashion Week It’s fashion week in Paris and many of the noted trend setting celebrities are making sure to not only see the fashions but to be seen at the fashion shows. Nothing says you have your pulse on the cutting edge of fashion like showing up at a fashion show. Mary Kate Olsen made her obligatory appearance with her boyfriend Nate Lowman and the normally oddly dressed of the Olsen twins looked good in her typical bohemian style boosted with a little bit of rock and roll... more

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