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Camping is the Cool Way to Vacation

Posted by kristin On April - 19 - 2010

Kate Moss Glamping Camping has gone from being the cheap way for families to vacation together to the cool way to get away and enjoy the outdoors, and it’s far from cheap these days. Celebrities across the globe have embraced camping, maybe it’s a way to escape the media and their daily lives or perhaps it’s a chance for them and their families to experience Mother Nature. Whatever the reason celebrities are a big reason that camping has become the cool way to vacation. In addition to the changing... more

Where is Paris?

Posted by kristin On April - 5 - 2010

Paris Hilton Sunglasses You know what just occurred to me, Paris Hilton has been suspiciously absent lately. Picking on Paris has become sport for a lot of bloggers and paparazzi and lately she’s just not been playing our reindeer games. So today I was pretty excited to see that Paris has indeed been busy creating fodder for us to gossip about. Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend, a “reality” television show is set to jump across the pond and air in the United States on Tuesday – that’s... more

Lady GaGa Wore What?

Posted by kristin On March - 1 - 2010

Lady Gaga Lobster Okay I realize she’s on tour and expected to be outrageous so that’s why Lady GaGa is going more over the top now than usual but the outfit she donned for last night’s trip to get take out dinner is just screaming for attention. First of all the singer wrapped herself in a see through plastic garb of some sort. I don’t know if it was homemade or made by anyone who claims to be a designer but it’s not going to be hitting the stores anytime soon, that’s for sure. But beyond... more

Casual Clothes for Casual Times

Posted by kristin On February - 15 - 2010

Tim Gunn Does anyone watch What Not to Wear or Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style? Both of these television programs give some great tips on how to dress to impress and they help fashion deficient people with everyday looks? Overall they’re good shows but the thing I have a problem with is their casual looks. The running errands outfits are absolutely ridiculous. Who’s really going to put on a cute little pencil skirt and a casual sweater and then slip into a pair of low pumps before they run to the... more

Grammy Red Carpet Fashion

Posted by kristin On February - 1 - 2010

Britney Spears 2010 Grammys Well, it’s another award show for 2010 and remarkably most of the celebrities decided to go glam and looked spectacular. Last night’s Grammy Awards was dotted with incredibly fashionable women and a few weirdoes as well. While Lady Gaga is grabbing headlines for her galaxy outfit we do have to say she looked quite stellar in it. It’s Britney Spears who gets tops honors as the tackiest dresser of the evening. File this in the what-was-she-thinking category as she... more

Kate Hudson’s Golden Globes 2010 Fashion Disaster

Posted by kristin On January - 18 - 2010

Kate Hudson Golden Globes 2010 Hollywood brought the glamour out in full force at the Golden Globes this year. It was refreshing and encouraging to see so many of Hollywood’s elite dressed to the nines, it was as if for once we forgot the economic crisis and proceeded as though everything were still on track and there was expendable money for glamorous evening gowns that would only be worn once. Overall, the stars were dressed spectacularly but there were some obvious clunkers and one that’s... more

Chilly in Florida but Crazy in Paris

Posted by kristin On January - 11 - 2010

Paris Hilton Winter Wear Okay, as I spend my winter vacation freezing my butt off in Florida (yes it has actually snowed here and the wind chill is in the 20’s!) I’m thinking that I am really inappropriately dressed. So how should I have dressed for my January vacation in south Florida? Well, apparently I should have dressed like a four year old if I’m going to use Paris Hilton as a fashion example (and who really would do that). Apparently Paris Hilton has decided the only way to bundle up... more

Oops, Caught Wearing the Same Thing

Posted by kristin On December - 29 - 2009

Tuxedoed Beckhams It’s incredibly embarrassing for a Hollywood celebrity to be spotted anywhere wearing the same dress as another celebrity, even if they’re not at the same event. But what about showing up at an event wearing matching tuxedos? Apparently that doesn’t bother Victoria and David Beckham as they both donned black tuxedos for a night out on the town in London. But maybe it wasn’t the matching tuxedos that made the looks fail but the other items the couple wore, or forgot to wear,... more

Jessica Simpson is a Sequined Mess

Posted by kristin On December - 2 - 2009

Jessica Simpson in the Role of Balloon Boy What to say about this disaster that Jessica Simpson decided to wear to her sister’s debut on Broadway? Maybe she was trying to steal the limelight, maybe she thought the disco raccoon look was in this season or maybe she was just showing off her balloon boy Halloween costume. Whatever Jessica Simpson was doing she succeeded at one thing, looking atrocious. Yes, sequins are one of the hottest accessories this season and you’ll probably be seeing a fair... more

Peek-a-boo Skin Fashion Trend Goes too Far

Posted by kristin On November - 2 - 2009

Britney Spears Torn Stockings There’s a chance that this latest fashion trend began as the economy started to tank but I think it probably began with the ripped and torn distressed jeans or maybe it was the cut out booties but whatever started the trend of showing a little skin where it’s traditionally not expected has now officially gone too far. Ripped stockings and hosiery have been spotted on the runway and on Britney Spears (above). But try as I might I can’t find a pair of... more

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