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Chastity Bono Sex Change

By |   June - 12 - 2009

Chastity Bono

Chastity Bono

Okay, when I was a little girl I used to watch every episode of the Sonny and Cher show religiously and hope that they would bring their daughter, Chastity, on. I loved Chastity Bono and wanted to live her life so imagine my shock to learn that she doesn’t even want to live her life and she will be undergoing a sex reassignment surgery. In fact, Chastity Bono has already begun the process of changing her gender from female to male.

Since I was probably one of her biggest fans when we were children I’ve decided to help her in this transition in the only way I can, by suggest a shoe progression that should keep her looking stylish and sexy throughout the entire process.

I’m not sure how far she’s gone in her sex change so I’m just going to start at the beginning with the shoe she should have been wearing when she was 100% female (at least on the outside). I think the Madden Girl Women’s Setra shoe is the perfect girly shoe for Chastity. The stacked heel is easier to walk on than a stiletto, the ankle wrap strap keeps the shoe comfortably in place and the ruffled center T-strap is very feminine without seeming too little girlish.

Transitioning out of this very feminine stage would require a lower heel. The Sam Edelman Black Leather Women’s Giada Shoe  is the perfect shoe for this stage, you’ve still got a feminine touch with the strappy thong and the wooden bead embellishments but you’ve got a certain amount of strength implied in this gladiator style shoe with tribal inspired touches. The heel is also very flat and easier for many people to walk in.

As the transition progresses the NaturalSport Women’s Angela shoe is a great choice as its got a comfortable  unisex look to it. the padded slingback with elastic panels is built for comfort and as her/his body begins to transition further I would assume there are a lot of uncomfortable moments, and everyone knows that you just feel better when you’re wearing comfortable, good-looking shoes.

When she’s rounding the corner and almost into her new role as a male she will probably want a shoe that looks like it could be worn by either a man or a women. The Naturalizer Women’s Nickie is the perfect shoe for this situation as it is a classically styled oxford that is streamlined for a smaller woman’s foot yet carries a distinctively unisex look that works for men and women. The N5 comfort system also make it a great shoe to wear from morning to night.

Finally, as Chastity Bono finally assumes a role as a man in society (I have no idea what her/his name will be – I like Chad) I would suggest a simple men’s athletic shoe like the Skechers Men’s Devered shoe or a dress shoe that is a true classic like the Rockport Men’s Evander which looks great on everyone and has a narrower profile which will still fit Chad’s slender foot.

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