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Chilly in Florida but Crazy in Paris

By |   January - 11 - 2010
Paris Hilton Winter Wear

Paris Hilton Winter Wear

Okay, as I spend my winter vacation freezing my butt off in Florida (yes it has actually snowed here and the wind chill is in the 20’s!) I’m thinking that I am really inappropriately dressed. So how should I have dressed for my January vacation in south Florida?

Well, apparently I should have dressed like a four year old if I’m going to use Paris Hilton as a fashion example (and who really would do that).

Apparently Paris Hilton has decided the only way to bundle up in the winter and still look cute is by taking fashion back to preschool days. Either that or the fact that she’s rapidly approaching 30 is freaking her out.

Paris Hilton decided that her ski trip to Aspen just wouldn’t be complete without a pink winter coat, a pink pair of pants a few layered tops, of course the top one must be pink or the entire look would be ruined, a pair of oversized white sunglasses and the piece de resistance, a goofy looking knit mouse hat.

I really don’t know what to say about this whole ensemble, or maybe I have too many things to say and I just can’t pick the right witty response. So I’ll just let you fill it in yourself.

One Response to “Chilly in Florida but Crazy in Paris”

  1. Mai Gerster says:

    Man, Paris Hilton is really hot

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