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Find a Bra that Fits, then Wear It

By |   May - 18 - 2009
Posh Nip Slip

Posh Nip Slip

Now here’s an interesting picture. Posh, or Victoria Beckham, has actually taken the time to put on a well fitting bra (not something a lot of celebrities seem to do) and then apparently didn’t bother to look in the mirror to see that not only is her bra showing under her stretched-too-thin-sweater, but her nipples are peaking out as well.

So this brings me to something that every woman should know about dressing, but for some reason a lot of them don’t. The lesson for today is how to find good fitting undergarments, specifically bras.

Getting the perfect bra fit means you have to actually try a bra on. I know how horrible this is and have almost been reduced to tears myself by hours of frustration and ill fitting bras that make you look fat, misshapen, flat chested and just plain ridiculous.  But you can drastically reduce the frustration by learning how to get a good fit and then using those rules every time you go bra shopping.

The band is the first step, it should be level and parallel to the floor around your entire body, not riding up in the back or front. It should not cut into your flesh at all or feel uncomfortable. Always use the loosest setting on the clasp when trying them on as bras tend to stretch after wear and washing and this is when the smaller settings come in handy.

The next big issue is the cup. Get the perfect fitting bra by checking the center of the bra between the cups, this area should lie flat between your breasts against your skin. If it’s hovering out away from your body the bra is too small. Your bra cup is also too small if you have skin and flesh spilling or oozing out of the cups anywhere. Likewise, it’s too big if there is extra material or its wrinkling.

For your first real fitting, go to an undergarment specialty store so someone who is a professional and knows exactly how to fit you gives you some assistance. This way you’ll know what size and shape fits you best. Remember that even though the bra comes in your size it may not be a good fit. Large breasted women have a harder time fitting into and looking good in many bras, including strapless bras, convertible bras, demi cups, bandeau bras and triangle bras. Similarly, underwire bras are designed to give heavier breasts a little more lift and support and may be unnecessary on smaller breasted women.

You’ll probably never have to worry about the paparazzi catching a nip slip when you’re in public, but it could be just as embarrassing to be caught in this situation at work or in a group of friends so make sure you’re wearing a good fitting bra that provides adequate support and the proper amount of coverage.

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