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Latest Trends in Pants

By |   July - 24 - 2009

Too often pants aren’t the focus of fashion, jeans get all the attention while other types of pants are simply ignored. So today we’re going to take a look at the latest trends in women’s pants as worn by your favorite celebrities.

jennifer aniston 660 Latest Trends in Pants

Cuffed Khakis

Cuffed Khakis

Here the cuffed khaki look is being sported by Kristen Bell, Jennifer Aniston and Rihanna and all gals look incredible, especially Jennifer Aniston. Cuffed khakis can be a great dressy yet casual look if you’ve got the right body shape. The problem with cuffing pants or wearing capris for some women is it shortens the look of the leg and if you’ve got a bit more weight on you then you can end up looking stumpy so don’t dive into this trend without taking a long hard look at yourself in the mirror first.

harem pants Latest Trends in Pants

Short Harem Pants

Short Harem Pants

Harem pants were never going to be a really big hit, no matter how many times you saw them on the runway. But the knee length harem pants seen here on Olivia Palermo, Fergie, and Diane Kruger might stand a chance. The more modified harem look that Olivia Palermo and Diane Kruger adopted is pretty cute but the deep crotch harem pants Fergie is wearing look like she’s carrying a load in her pants. This is never going to be popular with the masses.


leather pants Latest Trends in Pants

Black Leather Pants

Black Leather Pants

There’s really nothing like tight black leather pants if you’re a rock star, but can the average person pull it off? Here we see Ali Larter, Sheryl Crow and Taraji P. Henson rocking the look to varying degrees of success. Ali Larter just looks sloppy, Sheryl Crow looks like an aging musician trying to hold onto something from her youth but the shoulder padded grandma blazer just doesn’t work with the pants, and Taraji P. Henson would look amazing if her pants didn’t look so much like sausage skin stretched to its limits. The verdict, probably not a look most women want to adopt.


metallic sequined pants Latest Trends in Pants

Metallic Sequined Pants

Metallic Sequined Pants

Okay, you’ve got to be kidding with the metallic sequined pants. Here we see Angie Harmon, Blake Lively and Eva Herzigova pairing gold sequined pants with simple tops to some success but I still think this is a look that you can wear once and even then you’ll look back at any pictures and wonder what the heck you were thinking.

So the moral of this pants tale is that jeans are probably the safest bet for most women. They’re timeless, dressy, casual, comfortable and look great.

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  1. Mary says:

    I so badly ought to get myself in gear and startup a blog like this one.

  2. Fashion says:

    I need cuffed khaki pants, I'm so in love with this style, especially the first one with the blue top ;-)

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