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Oops, Caught Wearing the Same Thing

By |   December - 29 - 2009
victoria beckham tux Oops, Caught Wearing the Same Thing

Tuxedoed Beckhams

It’s incredibly embarrassing for a Hollywood celebrity to be spotted anywhere wearing the same dress as another celebrity, even if they’re not at the same event. But what about showing up at an event wearing matching tuxedos?

Apparently that doesn’t bother Victoria and David Beckham as they both donned black tuxedos for a night out on the town in London. But maybe it wasn’t the matching tuxedos that made the looks fail but the other items the couple wore, or forgot to wear, as the case may be.

The most noticeable item missing is Victoria Beckham’s shirt. Sure she’s trying to turn a traditional male clothing item into something sexy and feminine but showing certain female body parts doesn’t necessarily look feminine, it just looks a little bit trashy, but then she always was the trashy spice.

More glaringly erring is David Beckham. Mr. Beckham selected brown men’s dress shoes and a brown belt to wear with his black tuxedo. No, no, no, David Beckham, you just can’t mix browns and blacks when wearing a tuxedo. And shame on Posh for not helping her husband get dressed, but then again he let her leave the house without her top.

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