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Metallic Bags

Tons of celebrities wear metallic bags, like Jennifer Lopez, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce, Amanda Bynes, Paris Hilton, and so many more I can’t write them all! I want one! Metallic bags are not as easy to find as other styles and patterns. They’re cute and shiny and silver goes with almost anything […]

Summer Sundresses for 2010

Its summer and the perfect outfit for summer is the sundress. Sundresses are a stylish fun approach to the season letting you be cool and comfortable while still maintaining your own personal style. There is an old misconception that sundresses are either for little girls or they’re a hippie style that’s seen its day come […]

The Summer’s Dress: It’s a Wrap

There’s something about a simple women’s dress and a nice pair of shoes that makes every woman feel sleek and sexy in the summer. This year’s simple women’s dress is the wrap dress. Much like the maxi dress served as the go anywhere, do anything dress for a few summers past, the wrap dress is […]

Dressing for Summer with a Baby Bump

Facing summer with a baby on the way is not usually an exciting prospect, you’re hot, uncomfortable and swelling when everyone else is getting ready for bikini season. But dressing for a summer pregnancy doesn’t have to be frustrating, new maternity clothing is more exciting and attractive than it has been in years past. Even […]

Clothing that Makes You Look Thinner

Thin is in, although every year it seems as though someone says we’re going to start appreciating curves and a little weight, it’s still all about being (or looking) thin. So how can you dress to look thinner? Empire waist dresses have always been a great way to hide a little extra belly and butt […]

Mother's Day Mother’s day is just around the corner and most moms already have everything they need, so why not get her something that she really wants?  So what does your mom want? Well, that’s up to you to figure out but I’ll give you a few great ideas to help you out. Fitness shoes. MBT came up with the idea, Skechers popularized it with their heavy Shape Ups ads and Reebok came  up with an affordable pair of fitness shoes. Now you don’t have to stick to athletic shoes, but can also... more

Paris Hilton Mini Skirt This season is supposed to be all about the leg for women’s clothing so if you haven’t started shaping up it might be too late because it’s time to roll out the shorts and the miniskirt. Of course you already have some skirts and shorts in your wardrobe but this season it’s time to up the ante and show as much leg as you’re comfortable with, maybe even a little more. One thing you’ll see a bit of is denim shorts. Many of these are in the boyfriend and tattered... more

Jennifer Aniston Little Black Dress Every woman needs a few little black dresses in her arsenal for those occasions that require something sexy, simple and slimming. And we all know there are more of those occasions than we could ever plan for. The key to pulling off an effortless grace when one of those situations crops up is careful planning, having just the right little black dress on hand. Some little black dresses are timeless and every woman should own at least one of those but there are trends... more

Kate Moss Glamping Camping has gone from being the cheap way for families to vacation together to the cool way to get away and enjoy the outdoors, and it’s far from cheap these days. Celebrities across the globe have embraced camping, maybe it’s a way to escape the media and their daily lives or perhaps it’s a chance for them and their families to experience Mother Nature. Whatever the reason celebrities are a big reason that camping has become the cool way to vacation. In addition to the changing... more

Gwen Stefani Wedding Dress If you haven’t already found a wedding invitation in your mailbox you probably will soon. It’s wedding a season again and a lot of people will be filling their summer weekends with weddings. So what is the in thing to wear to weddings in 2010? If you’re in the wedding party then you don’t have to worry, but as a note bridesmaid dresses have changed a bit in the last few years and are more wearable, less ruffles and frill. Instead today’s bridesmaid dresses... more

Camilla Belle 2010 has become the year of the print with prints on everything from shoes to hats, but it’s the printed dresses that are really worth spending your money on. Whether you decide to go with black and white or full of color there is a print for everyone. And there are prints for every body type. Typically prints are seen as the dress for heavier women, with large prints meant to mask extra curves, but that’s not the case this season. The prints this season are meant for everyone with... more

Heidi Klum Pink Handbag So I’ve seen and reported on the fashion trends they’re pushing at us this season and frankly it’s a little depressing. Head to toe denim looks, tattered clothing, heavy clogs and mules. It’s not that these trends are bad but they’re not the way I envision a spring wardrobe, quite the opposite in fact. I can’t believe I’m alone in this and I expect others will want to be trendy but will still want to feel fresh, and bright and springy. So I think we’ll see... more

Vanessa Hudgens Distressed Jeans So I told you how the tattered trend was going to be all the rage this season, how it’s gone further than distressed jeans. Well, I guess I didn’t know how far it had really gone until today. Today I spotted the Ash Tashi Studded Denim Wedges and realized how far the trend had gone. What’s next, distressed underwear? Actually I’m only half kidding, I looked and couldn’t find any distressed undies but I’ll bet they’re out there somewhere. In fact, I am... more

Dakota Fanning Shredded Clothing The latest clothing trend is destruction or deconstructed clothing, which is basically good clothing that is torn, tattered, and patched in ways that make it look used and old. On the surface this sounds pretty stupid, I mean who wants to wear clothing that’s already basically destroyed, but then again how many of us have worn jeans with holes in them? The new tattered clothing goes a bit further than distressed jeans by including tattered tops and shredded dresses... more

Drew Barrymore Ruffled Shirt What’s new in women’s tops for spring 2010? This year shirts are all about embellishments of some sort whether its patterned fabric, ruffles, metal studs, fringe or anything else you can think of. The ruffled top is really the thing and if you don’t have one then this is a must have purchase. Look for simple t-shirts or tank tops with a ruffle tucked anywhere on it and suddenly you’ve got a casual look that can go from day to night and you’ll look like you... more

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