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Metallic Bags

Tons of celebrities wear metallic bags, like Jennifer Lopez, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce, Amanda Bynes, Paris Hilton, and so many more I can’t write them all! I want one! Metallic bags are not as easy to find as other styles and patterns. They’re cute and shiny and silver goes with almost anything […]

Summer Sundresses for 2010

Its summer and the perfect outfit for summer is the sundress. Sundresses are a stylish fun approach to the season letting you be cool and comfortable while still maintaining your own personal style. There is an old misconception that sundresses are either for little girls or they’re a hippie style that’s seen its day come […]

The Summer’s Dress: It’s a Wrap

There’s something about a simple women’s dress and a nice pair of shoes that makes every woman feel sleek and sexy in the summer. This year’s simple women’s dress is the wrap dress. Much like the maxi dress served as the go anywhere, do anything dress for a few summers past, the wrap dress is […]

Dressing for Summer with a Baby Bump

Facing summer with a baby on the way is not usually an exciting prospect, you’re hot, uncomfortable and swelling when everyone else is getting ready for bikini season. But dressing for a summer pregnancy doesn’t have to be frustrating, new maternity clothing is more exciting and attractive than it has been in years past. Even […]

Clothing that Makes You Look Thinner

Thin is in, although every year it seems as though someone says we’re going to start appreciating curves and a little weight, it’s still all about being (or looking) thin. So how can you dress to look thinner? Empire waist dresses have always been a great way to hide a little extra belly and butt […]

Denise Richards Torn Jeans This spring rather that ruffles and frills and pretty pastels you may be seeing a lot of skin and hard core rock and roll looks. Ripped, torn and shredded clothing is a huge trend for spring 2010, making it look like everyone is on their way to a heavy metal concert. Distressed jeans are nothing new, they started showing up last year with the boyfriend jeans.  So it should be no surprise that other items of clothing are showing up as distressed too, like distressed leggings... more

Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker has been called a fashion icon for a long time now but, honestly, I’d almost never wear anything she work (especially her Sex and the City wardrobe) and even if I like her clothing choices (like her 2010 Academy Awards Chanel gown) there is never an occasion in my life when I could wear a similar outfit. That is until I spotted this recent picture of Sarah Jessica Parker in New York City with her son. Her long black coat with fur collar looks nice and toasty... more

Victoria Beckham Messenger Bag For financial and practical reasons I set a challenge for myself in 2010, to not buy any shoes. Shoes are my one true love and it’s been a challenge but so far I’ve been successful. That is I’ve been successful in not buying shoes but maybe not in saving money. It appears as though my addiction has shifted to handbags. The handbag fixation started with an oversized pink handbag because that is one of the big trends for the spring. I may love this pink handbag... more

Vera Farmiga at the Oscars You can’t really determine what the fashion trends of the year will be based on the evening wear that the women sported on the red carpet, but I think that the majority of the actresses presenting, accepting and nominated for films this year looked so striking that we will be seeing some of those trends translating into street clothing. One thing I noticed and loved (mostly) was the number of beautiful red dresses that the women chose to wear. One big EW in the red dress... more

Tina Fey 2010 Oscars The 2010 Academy Awards are finally over and congratulations to The Hurt Locker, by the way has anyone actually seen The Hurt Locker? But I say congratulations to most of the women who graced the stage and the red carpet, their flowing evening dresses were stunning overall. Even the mistakes and missteps in fashion were nothing too outrageous and shockingly bad. The one big fashion faux pas was quite possibly Tina Fey, which isn’t surprising, Miss Fey isn’t known for her... more

Megan Fox Short Shorts If your New Year’s Resolution was to hit the gym I sure hope you hit it hard because you’re going to want to be in tip top shape for the latest fashion trends coming down the pipe. Spring 2010 fashion trends will be all about showing skin. First you’re going to want to make sure your butt and thighs are in the best shape that they’ve been ever, especially if you’re going to follow the fashion trends for 2010 because short shorts are going to be everywhere. There are... more

A couple years ago some unusual t-shirts started popping up on celebrities, the t-shirts were made of soft worn fabric and featured a graphic print on the front that was loud and busy and sort of resembled an elaborate tattoo. Printed clearly on the t-shirts was the name Ed Hardy. But who is Ed Hardy? Ed Hardy is a pseudonym for designer Christian Audigier who burst onto the scene about seven years ago and now is the proud owner of nine international fashion brands and a slew of fans, both famous... more

Lady Gaga Lobster Okay I realize she’s on tour and expected to be outrageous so that’s why Lady GaGa is going more over the top now than usual but the outfit she donned for last night’s trip to get take out dinner is just screaming for attention. First of all the singer wrapped herself in a see through plastic garb of some sort. I don’t know if it was homemade or made by anyone who claims to be a designer but it’s not going to be hitting the stores anytime soon, that’s for sure. But beyond... more

Sweatshirt Last year the runways were packed with sweatshirt material as designers looked to combat the economy by finding an affordable fabric and a comfortable versatile look that would appeal to people trying to cut corners. This year may be the year of the sweatshirt. One designer that’s creating a stir with their sweatshirt designs that go from day to night is Aiko. The fabrics they have chosen are not your standard sports team sweatshirt fabric but much more luxurious and comfortable, almost... more

Calvin Klein Old Models I’m all for models looking like real women, I’m so sick of the nubile young sticks. So one would think I’d applaud Calvin Klein for bringing back some *gasp* old models for Fashion Week. (By old models we mean ones in their 30’s and 40’s – but still it’s something). So out come these ancient relics of the fashion world and rather than proving that age can be beautiful, these women look horrible. They’re dressed in dumpy and basically shapeless grey dresses,... more

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