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Ted Nugent Hunts People

By |   June - 5 - 2009
Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent

Just when you think Ted Nugent cant be any more annoying, he’s announced his new TV series on CMT, Runnin’ Wild.  In this series Ted Nugent actually hunts human beings, yes that’s right, the mighty hunter (self-proclaimed of course) has decided that he isn’t challenged enough by shooting defenseless creatures with high powered rifles,  he now has to hunt humans.

The concept is an eight episode competition where Ted Nugent teaches people how to survive in the wild and then they will have to compete in endurance challenges while being hunted by Ted Nugent. Nugent believes that with his “expert” lessons in archery, hunting, and wilderness survival his prey can then evade him.

Besides the obvious logic flaw in the concept there are some other considerations. Having been a “reality” television producer I can step outside the television set and explain that the camera crew, (sound man, lighting specialist, camera operator, and production assistant) that is following each contestant around is probably going to tip the mighty hunting Ted Nugent off as to where the quarry is hiding. But I’m sure this show will be quite popular on CMT.

The Ted Nugent television show I’d really like to see is Ted Nugent being dumped out in the wild and having to survive without his hunting tools. I’m guessing within a week or so his traditional prey can finally have their revenge.

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