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Time to Show Off your Legs this Season

By |   April - 23 - 2010

Paris Hilton Mini Skirt

Paris Hilton Mini Skirt

This season is supposed to be all about the leg for women’s clothing so if you haven’t started shaping up it might be too late because it’s time to roll out the shorts and the miniskirt.

Of course you already have some skirts and shorts in your wardrobe but this season it’s time to up the ante and show as much leg as you’re comfortable with, maybe even a little more.

One thing you’ll see a bit of is denim shorts. Many of these are in the boyfriend and tattered style and sort of remind me of the 70’s men’s disco shorts with the pocket hanging out of the bottom but this is the trend.

Dress shorts will be blousy and roomier but still super short. Just remember when wearing short shorts that are loose you can easily and quickly give someone a peep show without trying, so be careful.

In miniskirts you’ll see a lot of ruffles and layers and prints and stripes. Basically it’s not just about wearing a neutral mini but wearing it loudly and grabbing all the attention that you can.

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