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White Isn’t Just for Brides

By |   May - 7 - 2010
Padma Lakshmi White Dress

Padma Lakshmi White Dress

I know it’s wedding season and you’ve probably already received a cheap wedding invitation or two but there’s no need to be bitter because anybody can wear white this year.

White dresses for women have become a popular trend, even for casual occasions. Believe it or not, a white dress can be just as slimming on a woman’s body as a little black dress. But it does take a brave soul to don an entirely white outfit, whether it’s a dress or an ensemble.

It seems like the only time people have been confident and very accepting of women wearing all white is when they’re parading down the aisle in a wedding dress but this is no longer the case. If you’re feeling a bit of apprehension about wearing all white, test the waters by starting with a pair of white pants and a light colored women’s blouse and you’ll suddenly feel the power of white.

But as a side note, the only time it’s still not acceptable to wear a white dress (and in most cases you should stay away from the  little black dress as well) is at a wedding.

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